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Based on your budget and request, we make custom-made products for you. We have been working with reliable pottery for over 80 years. We have a broad range of customers, from art lovers to hotels and restaurants. Simply let us know your needs such as the pieces’ uses, the recipient, the number of pieces, and your available budget. We will provide the best plan to fulfill your request.

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Sample Schedule

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Image of Kiyomizu-ware_Arabesque

This bowl is an example of custom-made tableware requested by a long-established restaurant at the time of the restaurant’s remodeling. (Kiyomizu ware Arabesque Bowl)

Image of special order glass

These are custom-made cups requested as wedding gifts. The flowers reflect the birth month of the groom, January with daffodils, and the bride, May with Japanese wisteria, painted both inside and outside.

Photo of special order glass

This special-order glass is the faithful reproduction of the crystal glass designed by a Japanese artist and made by Baccarat over 100 years ago. This small glass with elegant gold lines has a strong presence in the dining room.  

Photo of kabukiza Chopstick stand

This Kiyomizu ware chopstick rest set was requested by Kabukiza (the Kabuki Theatrical Corporation). Representing Kabuki, Japanese traditional drama, 12 actors were printed on the chopstick rest.

Image of customized box
Image of the bottom of customized mag cup
Image of customized mag cups


“The one and only in the world for your loved one.”

We can personalize your purchase, including ceramic plates for children. You can add a favorite Kanji or Hiragana character, or you can choose from the alphabet for a simple phrase. Upon request, we can also provide a gift card with your personalized tableware. You can use it to explain its meaning for the recipient. We support English. Please feel free to ask for more details.

Image of cusom-made cup オーダーメイドカップ


Ceramics artists from Arita ware create personalized cups just for you. You can choose from the English or Japanese alphabet. The cup will be unique. The recipient will be pleased with the originality of the gift.

We can gift wrap your cup in a personalized box as well (extra fee will apply).  

Turn Around Time: Two Weeks After Order

PRICE: $50 (+Tax & Shipping)

Image of meiire products


The name you choose will be painted in Red or Blue with some silver pigment. This is a great gift for a birthday or wedding.

Like the personalized cup, we can gift wrap in a personalized box (extra fee will apply).

Turn Around Time: 30 Days After Order

PRICE: $60 (+Tax & Shipping)



We personalize children’s plate sets with your child’s name. These are Arita ware plates, and the quality of the ceramics is extraordinary. Personalized plates will bring extra joy to your dining scene. Using your own plate repeatedly will provide a great opportunity to learn about ecology and ownership.    

Turn Around Time: 30 Days After Order

PRICE: $110 (+Tax & Shipping)

Collage photo of printed name plates for girl



Image of wrapping style

For a casual gift, we can wrap with or without a ribbon on the wrapping paper. Please inform us your preference on the contact form.


Image of Noshi and box

For the formal gift, you can choose exotic Japanese style wrapping. Please inform us your choice from the contact form.